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Welcome to Connect Security World!

The Connect Security World conference, previously "Chip-to-Cloud Security Forum", provides an independent collaboration and information-sharing platform dedicated to strong security for today’s globally connected society.

This 4th edition will welcome 300 IT security professionals around the latest trusted technologies in Mobile, IoT and Cloud environments. From embedded to Cloud security, the agenda highlights the ever-challenging implementation of trusted technologies in m-Payment, BYOD, Industry 4.0, Wearables, Connected Cars, etc.

NEW! The co-located SMART INNOVATION SHOW provides the attendees an extensive set of learning, networking and business development opportunities. More on its dedicated website.


Already 50 international speakers have confirmed and will be on stage to share their security expertise for sensitive applications and services. Along 3 days and 11 thematic sessions in two parallels tracks, the hottest tech challenges are addressed, among which:
Rethinking security for IoT: the Grand Opening and Day 2 plenary session tackle where and how to include strong security in IoT systems
Strong authentication: choosing and defining the right technologies for secure online interactions on vulnerable client platforms (PCs, tablets, smartphones…)
Mobile ID: is smartphone the ultimate token, for e-Gov services and in particular m-payment?
NFC security remains a hot topic, in particular the latest developments of HCE in m-Payment
►The workshops are also to be noted: identity theft, natural security standard, Cybersecurity implementation


Day 1
Day 1
Day 2
Day 2
Day 3
Day 3
What's in for 2015?
60+ speakers
300 IT security professionals
►3 days of conference plus Smart Innovation Show
Call for Papers 2015
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Program Committee
34 IT security experts select the presentations in tune with the Government and industry needs.
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3-DAY CONFERENCE (Sept. 15-17)

During 3 days, along 10+ sessions, over 60 eminent speakers will share their digital security expertise, unveil the latest R&D outcomes, discuss standardization & regulation advances.
After the Grand Opening on "Innovation for Connected Life ", two parallel tracks will address the huge challenges of securing connected devices and online transactions. Driven by its end-to-end security approach, the focus will be on achieving user-centric security for sensitive applications and services.
Some key features:
• Designed to foster interactions between information security professionals from applied research & industry and the digital service providers/implementers
• The Smart Innovation Show (see below) adds very rich learning, networking and project development opportunities: multiple tutorials, hands-on, labs visits, demos as well as social events, business meetings, etc.
• Multiple bridges with the co-located conferences on contactless, Internet of Things, digital identity and authentication technologies

• Discover • Understand • Meet • Participate in Digital Transformation
The conference delegate pass includes full access to the Smart innovation Show activities.
►Full details at Smart innovation Show

Already oriented toward innovation and next generation technologies, the conference will particularly benefit from this innovation hub dedicated to connected digital transformation:
- A 50-booth international exhibition featuring numerous live demos
- Enriched live experiences of contactless on-site and downtown
Business meetings to efficiently connect suppliers and contractors, innovators and R&D
- Workshops and tutorials to update knowledge and get support from Industry leaders. See in particular:
  - Natural Security Alliance Workshop
  - Cybersecurity trends for businesses Workshop
- World Smart Week Awards: spotlight on the best applications  in contactless and other connected technologies.

Located in the old Port of Marseille, the France's second largest city, the Pharo Palace has proven both attractive and convenient while offering impressive views.
► More:  Travel & Venue
within World Smart Week
The Connected Innovation Summer Forum
Conferences & Innovation Show - Sept. 15-17, 2015 – Marseille, France

In addition to the 300 conference delegates, meet the professionals attending the Smart Innovation Show and the attendees of the 3 co-located conferences dedicated to contactless, M2M/IoT and digital security:
• Smart Contactless World -  Proximity Services for Connected Consumers
• M2M Innovation World -  Driving growth through M2M/IoT services
• World e-ID & Cybersecurity  - Identity & Protection Services for Government, Mobility and Enterprise
► Learn more about World Smart Week

2014 Edition
2014 conference figures:
220 participants
75 speakers
12 thematic sessions
2.5 days of conference & exhibition
1480 World Smart Week participants
Missed 2014 conference? Get the slides!
60+ presentations by M2M market leaders
2014 proceedings
Relive the conference on World Smart Week.TV

80 free videos shot at the four conferences Take a tour!
"Thinking Forward Digital Security"

The 2014 Edition (Chip-to-Cloud Forum Forum) confirmed the relevance of its transversal approach of digital security technologies. Combining the latest advances of end-to-end security in embedded, mobile, M2M/IoT and Cloud environments, the conference has gathered 220 high-level participants over 3 days: researchers from Academia and Industry, technology experts, standardization bodies and government reps.
The 75 speakers and panellists shared original ideas, groundbreaking results, new techniques, new methodologies  to increase the security along 12 thematic sessions. Among the 2014 topics to be highlighted:
- Impact of virtualization technologies for Cloud services and mobile transactions security (including the hot strategic topic of HCE)
- Creating trust in the Cloud with end-to-end interoperable infrastructures and based on secure chip technology, TPM, etc.
- Raising the level of mobile platform security: the latest advances of embedded mobile security technologies (eUICC, eSE, TEE, TPM), their deployment and management
- M2M and IoT security: the security mechanisms to provide large scale secure deployment and end-to-end secured communications
- Embedded Devices Security to defeat the latest attacks: relay attacks, side channel analysis, fault injection, locking phenomenon, etc.
- Workshops and focus sessions from FIDO, NIST, TCG




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