Call for Speakers 2018 – Connect Security World 2018
Connect Security World - Embedding Trust in IoT Systems and Connected Hardware | September 24-26, 2018 – Marseille, France

Call for Speakers 2018

New Submission Deadline: April 10, 2018

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As the number of connected devices grows by billions and widely publicized IoT attacks are on the increase, Security has become the top concern of organizations looking at deploying IoT solutions. CONNECT SECURITY WORLD aims to bring them concrete answers for ‘by-design’ security and privacy in every corporate environments and consumer IoT scenarios: Industry 4.0, Wearables, Automotive, e-Health, etc.

Driven by an end-to-end security approach, from sensors to Cloud, the conference will explore how to apply secure technologies expertise to the design, development, deployment and management of M2M/IoT devices, solutions and systems.
The agenda of this 7th edition encompasses the latest secure technologies stemming from cryptography to strategies and methods to minimize risks and enable successful security implementations. It includes also focuses on security guidance and cybersecurity cooperation between Government and Industry.

An independent collaboration and information-sharing platform, Connect Security World gives the opportunity for IT security experts from applied research and industry to meet and exchange with the whole IoT technologies stakeholders (the “IoT developpers”), from manufacturing to digital services providers and implementers in vertical markets. Approximately 70 speakers and panellists will be selected by the Program Committee to address the list of topics below.

First 2018 hot topic themes include:
● IoT Networks: By 2025, LPWA networks will account for over 50% of the wide-area IoT connections globally according to Analysys Mason. The 5G revolution is also approaching. These new technologies bring new security challenges to be addressed.

● IoT in verticals: while IoT implementations across all industries are spreaging, 2018 will be a challenging year for the companies newly connected. Mutiple case studies in various Verticals need to be addressed.

● New IoT-specific regulations: public initiatives addressing  IoT security challenge take shape around the globe: in Europe, the NIS Directive for critical infrastructures, the new Cybersecurity Act  planning a certification framework or the Product Liability directive; in the US, the “IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2017” are key parts of the landscape.


The conference Program Committee is looking for novel technical contributions addressing one or more of the topics mentioned below or others that authors believe to be of specific interest to the audience:


Hardware & software endpoint security:
– Innovative hardware security mechanisms, hardware security IP…
– Embedded software security, Secure Element, SIM, eSIM, TPMs
– Embedded OS, Real time OS (RTO) and virtual machines security

Encryption technology:
– IoT PKI: lightweight and small footprint cryptographic technologies for IoT
– Cryptography evaluation and cryptanalysis

Identity of things:
– IAM applied to IoT Devices
– Seamless user and device authentication
– Strong authentication protocols & technologies

Blockchain for decentralized security & privacy

Secure Cloud of things:
– Cloud platform virtualization security
– Cloud and distributed application security
– IoT platforms security
– Big Data security and privacy protection

Network security:
– Wireless IoT networks: LPWAN, 4G/5G, etc.
– Edge computing impact
– Firewall technologies, intrusion detection, etc.
– Analytics, cyberattacks detection & prevention


IoT interoperability and collaboration


Industry 4.0, IIoT:  IT/OT convergence
Connected Cars & automotive security
Smart Home and consumer appliances security
Wearables, location-based services security
e-Health and medical appliances security
Critical infrastructures: Smart grids, transports, telecommunication, emergency, etc.


IoT security analysis and audit:
– Threat analysis, countermeasures
– Certification, formal methods, trust models & maintenance
– Vulnerability analysis, evaluation methods & tools

Strategies for end-to-end security

Privacy and privacy enhancing technologies
– Privacy risk frameworks for use in developing IoT applications
– Privacy by design initiatives and standards
– Anonymity and anonymous transaction techniques


Government level initiatives and Industry-Government cooperation
– Mutual recognition agreements
– Cyber Defense centers & services: CERTs, protection against cyber-threats and attack, awareness raising, etc.
– Security certification and labelling
– Ethics and legal considerations


– Digital Security researchers and developers from Academia and Industry
– IoT developers: device designers and makers, application and service developers, IoT platforms and gateways providers…
– Other IoT ecosystem stakeholders: MNOs, system integrators, Cloud services providers…
– Organizations from any vertical leveraging IoT technologies in their processes and commercial development
– Security Standards, Regulation, Industry association bodies


Please send your speaking proposals using the submission template.
Authors are invited to submit their proposals electronically to schanourdie(at)

If authors do not receive acknowledgment within 72 hours, they are kindly invited to contact directly schanourdie(at)

All speaking proposals must be original ones and should be informative and impartial. The Program Committee will reject commercially-oriented presentations.

Deadline for abstract submission: March 31, 2018 extended to April 10, 2018

Notification of acceptance or rejection will be sent to authors on May 2, 2018.
Authors of accepted presentations commit themselves to present their paper at the conference. In case of personal impediment, the speaking person should appoint the backup speaker.

Speaker’s registration

Registration fee is included in the Platinum, & Gold & Silver sponsor packages for one speaker. Regular registration speaker’s registration rate is €550 excl. vat. Speaker registration gives access to the conference & its proceedings, breaks and lunches, networking tool. Speakers’ travel and accommodation expenses are not covered by the organizers.
Proceedings of the conference will be available at the opening of the event. Clear instructions about the proceedings will be sent to the authors of accepted presentations.
The organizers commit themselves not to disseminate the presentations before the conferences.

Other important dates:

► Official Program Appearance: June 4, 2018
► Complete presentation for the proceedings: September 7, 2018

Additional Participation Opportunities

Cyber Threat Intelligence: the management and operation of IoT Systems relying on automation and cognitive security (predictive analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence…) are addressed by the co-located conference “Predictive Security World”
Strong authentication & Identification technologies are addressed by the co-located “Identity & Cybersecurity Innovation World” conference.
If you are a supplier of digital security solutions and expertise, you are also invited to take part in the Smart Security Week exhibition.
Awards: the “Smart Security Week Awards” will spotlight the best digital security solutions. Finalists will be invited to the Awards ceremony on Sept. 25 evening. The Awards selection process will start in May 2018, get prepared!


2018 Program Committee members list: see updated list online.