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ETSI produces globally-applicable standards for Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), including fixed, mobile, radio, converged, aeronautical, broadcast and internet technologies and is officially recognized by the European Union as a European Standards Organization. ETSI is an independent, not-for-profit association whose more than 750 member companies and organizations, drawn from 62 countries across 5 continents worldwide, determine its work programme and participate directly in its work.


GlobalPlatform identifies, develops and publishes specifications which facilitate the secure and interoperable deployment and management of multiple embedded applications on secure chip technology.  Its proven technical specifications are regarded as the international industry standard for building a trusted end-to-end solution which serves multiple actors and supports several business models.

The freely available specifications provide the foundation for market convergence and innovative new cross-sector partnerships.  The technology has been adopted globally across finance, mobile/telecom, government, healthcare, retail and transit sectors.
GlobalPlatform is a member driven association with cross-industry representation from all world continents. Its members contribute to technical committees and market-led task forces.


Créé en 2003, et comptant plus de 150 membres, Medinsoft est le plus important réseau de promotion de l’industrie numérique en PACA, et plus particulièrement sur le territoire de la future Métropole d’Aix/Marseille.

Résolument ancrée au cœur d’une industrie florissante, Medinsoft met son dynamisme au service de ses adhérents afin de leur proposer des rencontres périodiques, des participations sur des salons professionnels à dimension nationale et internationale, de nombreuses actions de communication, de formation et de partage de bonnes pratiques.
Membre du Prides Economie Numérique, Medinsoft adresse l’ensemble de ses composantes, et plus précisément les éditeurs et intégrateurs de logiciels, les sociétés de conseil et de service, les fournisseurs d’infrastructures, …, et plus globalement toutes les professions évoluant dans cet univers.
Au sein de sa Commission Logiciel Libre Libertis, Medinsoft fédère les entreprises du monde libre et leur propose des actions spécifiques.
Et désormais doté d’une commission e-économie, Medinsoft se pose comme l’acteur associatif de référence dans ce domaine réunissant en son sein datacenters, fournisseurs de solutions, web agencies, e-commerçants, … .
Medinsoft remercie chaleureusement ses partenaires parmi lesquels le Conseil Régional PACA, la Communauté d’Agglomération du Pays d’Aix, la Ville de Marseille, la Communauté Urbaine Marseille Provence Métropole, Euroméditerranée, Provence Promotion et la SATT Sud-Est.

Natural Security Alliance

The Natural Security Alliance is a global community of preeminent companies dedicated to accelerating the adoption and ongoing development of Natural Security Technology based solutions. The Natural Security Alliance is comprised of some of the most influential companies in world from the retail, banking, payment provider, and IT Communities. All Alliance members share a strategic commitment to delivering mission-critical authentication and payment solutions based on biometric technology.

Secured Communicating Solutions (SCS) World Class Cluster

"The Future is in good hands"
The Secured Communicating Solutions (SCS) World Class Cluster, European Gold Label for the performance of its management, is based in the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur Region, France.
Focused on Contactless technologies, Networks, M2M & Mobiles Services, Security & Digital Identities technologies, more than 260 key players comprising industrials leaders, SMEs and research players are part of a rich ecosystem recognized at an international level.
Acting as a booster of innovation and cooperation with more than 430 collaborative R&D projects representing 1.3 Billion euros investments, the SCS world-class Cluster supports SMEs growth.


About SIMalliance (Security, Identity, Mobility)

SIMalliance is the global, non-profit industry association which simplifies secure element (SE) implementation to drive the creation, deployment and management of secure mobile services. The organisation promotes the essential role of the secure element (SE) in delivering secure mobile applications and services across all devices that can access wireless networks. By identifying and addressing SE-related technical issues, and both clarifying and recommending existing technical standards relevant to SE implementation, the SIMalliance aims to promote an open SE ecosystem to facilitate and accelerate delivery of secure mobile applications globally.

SIMalliance members represent 86% of the global SIM card market. As such, the SIMalliance’s membership is responsible for delivering the most widely distributed secure application delivery platform in the world (UICC/SIM/USIM).
SIMalliance members are Eastcompeace, Fundamenture, Gemalto, Giesecke & Devrient, Incard, Kona I, Morpho, Oasis Smart SIM, Oberthur Technologies, VALID, Watchdata, Wuhan Tianyu and XH Smartcard (Zhuhai) Co. Ltd.
SIMalliance Strategic Partners are Comprion, Linxens and Movenda.

Smart Card Alliance

Smart Card Forum of China

Smart Card Federation of China (SCFC) www.scfc.org.cn is a major non-profit trade society representing companies in the smart card & RFID industry. The main objectives are:
 – to serve as an open forum for industry news, communications and networking;
 – to monitor and report on the development of new industry technologies, products and services;
 – to act as the independent voice for companies involved in the smart card & RFID industry.
With the SCFC’s educational programs at regional meetings, conferences, and its annual International Conference and Exhibition on Smart Card & RFID-SC+RFID, monthly magazine -<Cards Tech & Security>in Chinese and English (four issues in English version), newsletters (SCFC News Shop), you will constantly be updated on issues facing the industry. In addition to its overall focus, SCFC recognizes the needs of specific niches within the industry.

Smart Payment Association

The Smart Payment Association (SPA) addresses the challenges of the evolving payment ecosystem, offering leadership and expert guidance to help its members and their financial institution customers realize the opportunities of smart, secure and personalized payment systems & services both now and for the future.

The SPA works in partnership with global standards bodies, its own vendor community, and an expanding ecosystem of established and emerging brands offering an ever-growing portfolio of advisory and support services including the market’s most accurate barometer of payment trends based on actual manufacturer sales data and an ever-growing library of expert technical resources and thought leadership collaterals.

The SPA is the EPC-CSG (SEPA) Card Representative and Vendor Sector Spokeperson, Chair of the EPC-CSG Task Force to specify the SEPA functional and security requirements for  emergent & remote payments (Internet + Mobile), Convenor of the new EPC-CSG Expert Team on Card Innovative Payments, Member of the Preparatory Committee of the SEPA Security Certification Management Body.

The World Bank