Presto Engineering – Connect Security World 2018
Connect Security World - Embedding Trust in IoT Systems and Connected Hardware | September 24-26, 2018 – Marseille, France

Presto Engineering


Corporate Presentation:

Presto Engineering’s Operations Outsourcing solution reduces product development and production risks for your IoT devices and systems, covering everything from end of design to customer delivery, and scales with your growth. We have the expertise, systems and facilities to provide risk-free, maximum efficiency supply chain services that rapidly brings designs to market. Our production management expertise ensures a worry-free supply chain from ASIC design hand-off to customer delivery. Presto has a long history of security success and supports six facilities that are home to more than 100 experts in the US, Europe and Asia. Presto has a complete, proprietary, web-based management platform, that along with all of its other assets, allows it to ship more than 100 million units each year.

Product Description:

Over 5 million new devices are estimated to be connected to the IoT each day. By definition, each of these include communications capabilities, making every one of them a potential gateway for an intruder. This explosive growth in the number and types of devices connected to the Internet raises important questions about security. For companies who intend to address these issues though custom-designed integrated SoCs or ASICs, Presto provides comprehensive, outsourced production services, from tape-out to delivery of finished semiconductor devices. Presto’s services involve low-risk productization, accelerated time-to-market and fast volume scaling. Alongside these outsourced IC production solutions, Presto will showcase its proprietary, highly-secure (EAL5+/6) provisioning solution that can be tailored to customers’ needs, in order to offer the flexibility to meet the security requirements of the application, and capable of addressing the lower volume, rapidly changing nature of IoT applications in a cost-effective manner.

Presto’s cost-effective, scalable secure provisioning solution, utilizing virtual machines on secure servers to maintain separation among users’ data.

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