Rodrigue – Connect Security World 2018
Connect Security World - Embedding Trust in IoT Systems and Connected Hardware | September 24-26, 2018 – Marseille, France



Established in 1999, the main player in the ticketing market, Rodrigue provides key in hand services for the management and development of public cultural events, sports and leisure.
Following the decree of 2007 on paperless tickets, Rodrigue chose NFC technology for innovative ticketing solutions.
As part of his research, Rodrigue proposes today to delegates to exchange their business card by their NFC badge simply by TAP on smartphone or tablet. Visitor management is smart and simple: record visits, access control to private areas …

Contact : Rodrigue 2 rue des Tartres 95110 Sannois tél : +33 139 95 02 32
Erick Tallon